ICF Building Material Estimator

ICF Building Material Estimator



This program was written by myself to provide a way to estimate the material needed for building a Polysteel ™ home.  It is very user friendly and will calculate the following:


1)      Calculates the amount of concrete you’ll need to fill the ICF forms.  The calculation will result in the amount of Yards of concrete to fill the entire exterior of your home.

2)      Calculates the amount of Forms you’ll need for the entire exterior of your home.  This program calculates the straight forms, 90 degree forms and 45 degree forms needed.

3)      The program also calculates the amount of rebar required for the ICF forms.  Once you get the plans drawn up and get the rebar spacing it will calculate the amount and size needed.  General spacing is already input for those trying to get an idea of what to expect before decided on this type of home.


There is an example sheet to show you how to use the program.  Please give feedback on how you liked the program, I’d love to hear them.  You’ll need Microsoft Excel to run the program.  If you don’t have Excel you can also use Open Office and download it FREE here: www.openoffice.org 


You can download the program FREE here:  ICF MATERIAL ESTIMATOR.XLS


One response to “ICF Building Material Estimator

  1. Incredibly helpful spreadsheet to rough out the materials for building our garage! Thanks! Curt

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